Thursday, October 11, 2007

Exact Fare Act

Its in the news. Senator Ramon Revilla Jr. has filed a measure seeking to penalize taxi drivers who don’t give exact change to passengers.

Do we need this law? Yes, definitely. Most taxi drivers in Manila has lost morals just to earn extra peso. They are abusive most of the time and have no idea of customer service.

Our culture on giving tips and gratuities is one of the things i dislike. We are all striving in this forsaken third world country. We are all poor. Poverty should not be an excuse to compromise what is good or right. People should just work hard, be fair and succeed on their own (of course that's ideal, and no one is perfect hehe).

I wish this law will come with efficient and effective implementing rules and not just for the sake of having a law (or publicity). There are similar laws for sure but only LTO/LTFRB knows and nobody cares to implement.

I know execution of law is just another one big problem. I tried once to fill-in an electronic complaint form in the LTFRB website hoping for a miracle reply. Months passed and i received not even a read receipt of my complaint. Those "Contact Us" pages on government websites are useless most of the times. Well thats another story.

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jagfdo said...

Our country have lots of good laws that if only they will be implemented (whole heartedly)it will do good for everybody. We always fall short in implementing laws.

Well, I've experienced lots of taxi drivers in mla who do not give change. Some even over-charge. One taxi i rode had a bating-ting-- because my fare doubled! But because of my excitement upon arriving in my destination--- I was not able to complain...

But anyway, PU drivers whould also be honest to their customers esp that 99% of them also pay the right fare.