Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 2009!!! Year of the Ox..

It is time again to count blessings and to list wishes. 2008 was generous all in all.
1. Had summer 2008 trip in Laoag
2. Been to Japan twice - this is something cause it's really expensive for us - working class - to visit Japan. 5 star accomodation + airfare costs around 500k for 25 days. It was hectic business trips but still I enjoyed the best Japanes foods walked around the city after office and during week ends.
3. Spent 1 week in Jakarta (2nd time) - again its business trip but i will remember those old and creepy buses (like those old ordinary bus from EDSA to Fairview) on the roads of Jakarta. They have the worst transport system i have seen so far. No mono rail or subway but instead plenty of what we call habal-habal in Mindanao. Noted however that Jakarta has more and bigger upscale shopping malls. Shoes are cheap in Jakarta. Ofcourse I did not leave Indonesia with out a taste of Soup Bontot... real Oxtail Soup.
4. Assigned to Singapore twice - SG is much better than HK unless you're out there to shop. Singapore is more diverse and Filipinos can easily blend with the locals. Plus the birds in Orchard Road sound like those wild birds we call "Martin or martinis" in the mountains of Luzon.
5. Got my US Visa for around 7k + half day of queing at the the embassy. I met a distant cousin along the queue. He is a PT in Tennessee.
I have few wishes.. maybe I should think of more before writing down.