Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pit Stop!

Buying a second hand car is the most expensive decision i ever made.... Nevertheless, browsing the internet on car repairs and maintenance sometime gives random funnn... hehe...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Euro Trip

It's a 2004 comedy which i heard and watched only last week. Wikipedia:

"Four friends travel across Europe in search of Scott Thomas's German pen pal Mieke, whom he initially mistakes for a guy, but now realizes he has feelings for. They visit London, Paris, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Berlin, and Rome, getting into all manner of awkward and embarrassing situations along the way."

Cheap jokes, full of stupidity and sinfulness... The best! Hehehe... Ask "DiBiDi" vendors for a copy..

Friday, June 13, 2008

JapaneseWashlets and Doglets

This is probably the most famous "funny thing" in Japan, they call it washlets by the 4th largest toilet maker in the world--Toto. According to wikipedia:

"....these washlets are designed to open the lid when they sense a user nearby, wash the anus or vulva of the user (including a number of pulsating and massaging functions), dry afterwards with warm air, flush automatically and close the lid after use".

Hehehe... Well, its true this toilet is a smart machine.

Napa-tumbling ako sa notice nato! Hehehe.. This was taken at a public park/garden near the Tokyo Tower. I guess residents around the area usually gather during family days and do some gardening (flower gardens), play baseball or just walk around with their dogs. They like small and cute shitsu-type dogs.

Yoshinoya in Japan

Yoshinoya is a known restaurant chain in Japan. Ofcourse we have franchises in Manila and its quite popular too. We had breakfast in this restaurant and solve na kami at JPY300 to JPY500 (1JPY is around PHP.4500). Plus the interior design is very nice, great food, cute waiters and the price is relatively cheap.

Pedicab Japan Version

"Welcome to our funny country". These were the first words i heard from my host upon arrival in Tokyo. Indeed Japanese workmanship is amazing, people are polite and kind and cute and funny things abound.