Friday, June 29, 2007

I Am a Certified Traveller

My Lakbayan grade is C- Traveler!!

Born in Kalinga, partly raised in Isabela, lived and studied in Baguio-Benguet, worked and lived in Makati which brought me to Bulacan, Laguna, Batangas, Bataan, General Santos City, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis, Iligan and Davao. Been also to Cagayan, La Union, Ifugao, Sagada, Puerto Galera and Boracay for vacations.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Pasig Ferry

The pasig ferry transport system is now open. I really didn't know until i saw one advertisement in glorietta. So.. having nothing to do last week-end, we thought of giving it a try ala tourista.

Going to Guadalupe

Inside a jeep. This jeep can stop wherever it wants. Always try to pick up anyone standing by the roadside. Drops passengers wherever they wish to take off. All for Php 7.00.

National symbol? Maybe yes, there is still something in it, but I wish it will evolve and improve into something much better. The air-con jeepneys plying Makati Loop are nice and organized.

Guadalupe Station

The station is near Guadalupe Bridge and MRT station. It is convenient for those coming from Taguig and Fort Boni area since jeepneys can drop them in front of the station. But for passengers coming from Rockwell area and MRT station they need to walk about hundred meter across the busy typical JPRizal which is not comfortable. Ofcourse "accessible terminals" is all-important if they want his system to work. It's a work-in-progress so let's wait and see. The station is also secured, air-conditioned and every equipment looks fine (new!). But it looks too small to accommodate 50-100 waiting passengers.

The Route

The big plan is to connect Marikina to Manila.
Tickets cost Php25 from Guadalupe to Escolta in Manila which is cheaper compared to around Php45 FX fare from Guadalupe to Taft- Quiapo. The ferry operates from 5AM to 10PM.

Hulo and Lambingan are on the side of Mandaluyong - never heard of these places but I hope they are strategic enough to draw passengers.

Pasig River viewed near MRT station. That's Globe and Rustan's at the background.

Inside the twin-hull catamaran boat. It has nice plastic seats and large TV in the middle playing Bryan Adams DVD concert. This shot was taken at Guadalupe and the boat got almost full when we reached Escolta.

PUP Station.

The big problem of Pasig are the squatters along the river banks. There are only few factories, at least in Makati, Mandaluyong and Manila areas, and so I think domestic waste is primarily to blame.

Guadalupe to Escolta (near Carriedo) took us 50 minutes with stops in Hulo, Lambingan, Sta. Ana, and PUP. Not sure if it saves time compared to commuting by jeep or FX. From Escolta, we walked to Carriedo. It's the same Carriedo 3 years ago - but getting shabby and seedy again. Maintenance is a big problem in all those "buhayin ang maynila" projects. Anyway that's another stroy.

Side Trip - Carriedo

I didnt know Carriedo is a walking distance from Escolta. Its just a few blocks actually on the right side of ferry station. Well, carriedo is, maybe since year 2001, known for its flourishing piracy. We bought pirated DVD of Next for Php35 only.

That's Palito beside Mr. Bean. We didn't notice him until one of the vendors asked for autograph.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Fall of Bataan

"There is a limit of human endurance and that limit has long since been passed. With out prospect of relief, I feel it is my duty to my Country, and to my gallant troops, to end this useless effusion of blood and human sacrifice. With profound regret and continued pride in my gallant troops, I go to meet the Japanese commander.
Goodbye, Mr. President."

--Lieutenant General Jonathan Wainright to U.S. Pres. Roosevelt before surrendering to Japanese Gen. Homma (Corregidor, Bataan)

Corregidor Tour

I spent the week end (right before independence day) at Corregidor with my Baby. The tour well exceeded my expectations. It made me realize my ignorance on the what happened in Bataan during the second world war. All I remember is Mc Arthur and the infamous Death March and I didnt know that:

1- McArthur and president Quezon were bestfriends (Quezon is the godfather of McArthur's only son).

2- Pending defeat in Bataan peninsula, Gen. McArthur and his family, Pres. Quezon and thousands of American and Filipino soldeirs positioned in Malinta Tunnel in Corregidor.

3- Corregidor is a fortress island accross Bataan peninsula ( I heard this from my Dad when i was a kid) with several batteries positioned at Topside overlooking Manila Bay. The whole island is a military camp with almost complete amenities.

4- Gen. McArthur escaped from Malinta Tunnel to Mindanao (as ordered by Pres. Roosevelt) and left command of US and Fil. troops to Gen. Jonathan Wainright who after savage battles and dwindling supplies surrendered to Gen. Homma of the Japanese army.

5- At marami pang iba..

Corregidor is now a national park with awesome historic ruins and beautiful dense jungles. You can even spot monkeys on trees along the road. The park operator (a Magsaysay company) offers guided tours at Php1,600 for day tour and Php 1,900 overnight- check google for more details.