Thursday, August 14, 2008

Makati CDB should be overlooking Manila Bay

Maybe foreign investments will come in and set up office here.... just because of this wonderful view every after office hours... hehehe. And it isvery close to the old Manila and Malate. Most of the existing buildings along Roxas boulevard are casinos, hotels and few small offices.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tokyo Tower taken with my Sony Ericsson W960i

Tokyo Tower is just behind Prince Park Hotel in Minato-ku.

"The 332.6-meter-tall (1,091 ft) orange and white lattice communications tower is the tallest self-supporting steel structure in the world, the tallest artificial structure in Japan, and was the 11th tallest tower in the world.[3] Built in 1958, this Eiffel Tower-like structure supports an antenna that broadcasts television and radio signals for important Japanese media outlets. In recent years, the tower has also been instrumental in Japan's push to switch from an analog signal to digital signal."

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tokyo walk on Havaianas would cost JPY2,000

Divide it by 2 and thats Php1,000. Manila price is i think around Php600-800.

Just another over priced brand flip flops.

"The Zori (a Japanese style sandal) was the inspiration for the creation of the Havaianas sandal in 1962."

Tokyo - Beers and cigarrettes

Pictured below are at the Prince Park Tower hotel shop so it's pricey. It would costs around JPY150 in convenience stores (7-11 or amPm). In restaurants a mug of beer is expensive at JPY600-800.

Can't tell if these cigarettes packs are expensive (i don't smoke). Cigarettes are normally sold through this amazing vending machines. They're introducing new machines which uses cash cards; just swipe the card push the button of your choice and pack of cigarette rolls out.

Tokyo - Food grocery stores

Most Tokyo people perhaps don't have time to prepare food after work. So food grocery stores are common. Just take it out reheat and its ready to eat.

Cheapest of those food pieces is around JPY100 (Php45).

Tempura/Noodles -Tokyo is among the Top 10 most expensive cities

A regular meal would cost around JPY500-1000. Fine restaurants would cost average of JPY5,000 per meal. A good bowl of tempura would cost around JPy1,000.

Tempura, originally uploaded by edbumalo.