Thursday, April 30, 2009

Canon 850 IS -- Singapore

I will be in Singapore on the week of May 18. Canon 850 IS is selling here in Manila for around Php14K but this is only between Php11-12K in Singapore. This is a very good digital camera. I already bought one for my sister.

If you're interested to purchase, just leave a message and will get in touch. Can probably sneak in 3 units in my luggage.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PAL Tagal

PAL Tagal, originally uploaded by edbumalo.

Came through this picture in my archives which instantly reminded me of lots of troubles I had while traveling with the Philippine Airlines. This shot was taken in Bangkok in 2007. Flashing proudly on the airports flight sched monitor – PR0731 MANILA DELAYED.

Back in 2006 I slept at NAIA T2 for about 5 hours waiting for a PAL plane which supposed to depart at 11AM. We were advised our flight will depart at 6PM instead. So much trouble for some travelers but for me it was a perfect timing! I had a terrible hang over it was almost impossible for me to be on that flight. But I was allowed to check-in and pass through immigration. I already conditioned my mind to use those sanitary bags. This was the only time I was really thankful for a delayed PAL.

Few weeks ago I decided to travel via PAL Express - AirPhil domestic flight going to Tuguegarao. Travel time is only 1hr and the ticket is only Php1,300 one way. So 10AM I was at the airport for my 11AM flight. While queuing to check-in, the clerk announced the plane will arrive only at 2PM. I was not surprised and not much hassle for me cause I had the whole day allotted for travel and my family is with me at the airport. But for one Caucasian who seems a regular flyer… “Late again?? This is not PAL Express, change your name to PAL Tagal!!!”.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Sunset@PuertoGalera, originally uploaded by edbumalo.

4th time in Puerto Galera... but 1st time with a Canon DSLR. Though known as the nearest “white beach” south of Manila, getting there actually takes more time than going to Boracay – 3 hrs drive to Batangas Port and an hour boat ride to the island. Will only take around 2hrs to get into your hotel in Boracay but of course there’s the hassle of booking tickets, hotel reservation, transpo etc.