Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Fall of Bataan

"There is a limit of human endurance and that limit has long since been passed. With out prospect of relief, I feel it is my duty to my Country, and to my gallant troops, to end this useless effusion of blood and human sacrifice. With profound regret and continued pride in my gallant troops, I go to meet the Japanese commander.
Goodbye, Mr. President."

--Lieutenant General Jonathan Wainright to U.S. Pres. Roosevelt before surrendering to Japanese Gen. Homma (Corregidor, Bataan)

Corregidor Tour

I spent the week end (right before independence day) at Corregidor with my Baby. The tour well exceeded my expectations. It made me realize my ignorance on the what happened in Bataan during the second world war. All I remember is Mc Arthur and the infamous Death March and I didnt know that:

1- McArthur and president Quezon were bestfriends (Quezon is the godfather of McArthur's only son).

2- Pending defeat in Bataan peninsula, Gen. McArthur and his family, Pres. Quezon and thousands of American and Filipino soldeirs positioned in Malinta Tunnel in Corregidor.

3- Corregidor is a fortress island accross Bataan peninsula ( I heard this from my Dad when i was a kid) with several batteries positioned at Topside overlooking Manila Bay. The whole island is a military camp with almost complete amenities.

4- Gen. McArthur escaped from Malinta Tunnel to Mindanao (as ordered by Pres. Roosevelt) and left command of US and Fil. troops to Gen. Jonathan Wainright who after savage battles and dwindling supplies surrendered to Gen. Homma of the Japanese army.

5- At marami pang iba..

Corregidor is now a national park with awesome historic ruins and beautiful dense jungles. You can even spot monkeys on trees along the road. The park operator (a Magsaysay company) offers guided tours at Php1,600 for day tour and Php 1,900 overnight- check google for more details.


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