Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Road to Kalinga

This road links northern Isabela province and Kalinga.

The valley is known as Mallig Plains, a vast agricultural region benefiting from the spills of chico river in Kalinga. Click on the picture for more.

Taken with Canon 30D and17-40mm lens.


Bill Bilig said...

Very nice. Apay nagawid ka ngarud? Is that a crack in the middle of the road or is that asphalt? I can't distinguish because my monitor went black and white.

edwin said...

hi Bill, wen.. imbag nalang ta adda waya nga agawid ken makapasyar.

Those are cracks.. with asphalt fillings.=) This road is about 10 yrs old i guess, so not bad for a locally made road(Omengan). Thanks for visiting. cheers!