Monday, October 8, 2007

Canon 50mm f1.8

I got Canon 50mm as a kit lens of my 30D camera. At first, knowing nothing about lenses and SLRs, i had few complaints with this lens. It has no zoom. To get a group picture you need to move far from the group so you can fit everyone into the frame. It is very hard to get everything in the frame to focus (i don't know the technical term for it hehe).

So I read about lenses and learned about wide angle lenses. And one of the best selling canon wide angle lenses is the 17-40mm f40. I bought one at a discounted price expecting so much from it. To my frustration, I should have bought high end digital camera with wide angle lens instead. Well, i believe this can be a good lens depending on the subject of interest, only its not useful to me at this time.

Suddenly I like my Canon 50mm, it can do nice portraits easily and is much sharper than 17-40mm.

Elegant ferns-- using Canon 50mm. Composition is not good but its fine, i am satisfied.


deuts said...

di ba 1.8 un? both lenses have advantages and disadvantages. You just have to learn when to use which lens. Maganda ang 50mm f1.8 for low light photography.

edwin said...

oops.. yup its f1.8, thanks.

naiisip ko tuloy yung 40-70mm.. dapat pala sinunod ko payo mo, mahal naman kc.

deuts said...

Second correction, it's 24-70. Hindi lng doble ang presyo nun, doble din ang bigat. anyway, you will need a wide angle lens naman eh. just use it often and you'll learn to love it! Just as what was your first impression of the 50mm.