Friday, July 20, 2007

Bohol - Island Tour (Part III)

There are at least 7 destinations in mainland Bohol and Panglao Island.

First stop is Hinagdanan Cave in Panglao Island. Its a small cave with lagoon at the middle. There is nothing much of interest about this cave though the tourist guide said the lagoon has passageway to the sea but no one ever succeeded trying to cross (wow!). Also there are no bats inside, only paniki-like birds (i forgot the name) so the lagoon is guaranteed free of paniki droppings -- but looks stagnant. Here are other stops:

Sandugo Monument - where Datu Sikatuna and Legazpi held the historic blood compact. I wonder sometimes about history. How did those spaniards communicate with an indones or a malay chieftain? Even today its very very frustrating and even scary talking to locals in the suburbs of Jakarta or Bangkok who don't speak or understand English.

Baclayon Church (1700s) - This has little appeal to me. Why? I know there are much older and architecturally amazing churches in Europe. And the temples in Wat Pho or Angkor Wat or Borubudor are far more interesting.

Loboc Tarsiers - I would say this is the best part of the tour. Tarsiers are cute and sweet, shy and harmless little animals. They eat crickets/insects and can jump so quick. They are social animals and can live in relative captivity - not in a typical small cage (they get easily depressed and can kill themselves) but in an open controlled area. Selling or buying is illegal. Tourist can smuggle (illegally transport) but they have remote chances to survive in other places.

Obviously, tourist are so amazed by the tarsiers. The Loboc sanctuary, along the riverbank, has 4 tarsiers in "display" but they say there are more in the mountains of Bohol. The caretaker is equally amazing, he speaks Japanese, French and perfect English. Ayos!

Loboc River Cruise - The cruise is a floating restaurant. The location is just right for lunch after going trough several destinations. The buffet meal is at Php250 each and the cruise takes approximately an hour.

It rained hard while we are at the middle of the river causing little disorder as we are having lunch. Anyway, food is genuine Filipino and good enough for the price. Below is an old bridge crossing the Loboc river.

Chocolate Hills - I did not expect much and true enough the chocolate hills is just like what you see in postcards. I am more interested to go around the hills and walk the rice paddies beneath them.

At the back of this peace-post is "jumping area" where tourist can do fancy jump for a perfect postcard. I must say the photographers are pretty good - not the typical photographers with manual cameras but digital SLRs with good lens (Canon and Nikon) and instant canon photo printer. They charge Php100 for each print.

After Chocolate Hills, we passed by Butterfly garden. The tour guide mentioned many things about butterflies from scientific names to life cycle to biggest and smallest etc. All i remember now is that they breed and raise butterflies in that small garden.

Last stop is Souvenir shop and the Bee farm. The bee farm has restaurants perfectly overlooking the bay-- so scenic and relaxing.

Tired and satisfied, we drove back to Panglao island at around 5PM.

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Bill Bilig said...

Ahhh, Bohol. It's one of three provinces in the country (the other two being Batanes and Palawan) that I really want to visit someday. But your comment regarding the Chocolate Hills isn't very encouraging :-)

deuts said...

ayos mga picture natin pards ah. pang professional....

edwin said...

Hi Bill, boring kasi sa view point, walang ibang activity. but honestly the view of thousand hills in uniform shape is amazing.. all in all Bohol is really beautiful.

Deuts, thanks. what's here are among my 1,000+ shots during the trip. so ito na best shots hehe..