Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Boho - Panglao Island (Part II)

The best place to stay in Bohol is along Alona Beach in Panglao Island. Its about 30-40 minutes from airport/city. Rent-a-car is the only option which costs Php400 one-way.

Compared to Boracay, Alona Beach is smaller but equally touristy. While Boracay has problems with green algae, this beach has lots of sea weeds specially after high tide.

The sand in Alona is more fine than Boracay- like a talcum powder.

Beachfront resorts can cost up to Php 7K a night while in Boracay Regency (a 3 star resort) its around Php6K. Anyway there are lots of options when looking for accommodation, the farther you go from the beach the cheaper. Alona Palm Beach, Alona Tropical and Alona Kew resorts are popular high-end beachfront resorts. Cheap hotels are available in tagbilaran, but its not advisable to stay there unless you intend to stay out of the beach. We stayed at Flower Garden which is not a beach front but just 5 minutes walk to Alona Beach. We rented a car for a one-day Bohol Tour and a boat for half-day dolphin watching and island hopping.

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Bill Bilig said...

Wow. That sand must be really fine if it is like talcum. Is it as white as Boracays?

Medyo mahal naman ang P400 one way. Although okay lang siguro kung marami kayo.

edwin said...

Hi Bill, thats the finest i've ever seen hehe. =) its as white as Boracay though i would say Boracay has better slopes.

Medyo mahal nga transpo, limited kasi options.