Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bohol - Island Hopping (Part IV)

At 6:00 AM, we boarded a bangka (mid-size) to look out for dolphins off Alona Beach. Dolphins here are smaller than those I have seen in Puerto Galera 3 years ago.

An hermit crab.

After the dolphins, we headed to Balicasag which is known for dive spots and snorkeling. The fish sanctuary is amazing. The guide positioned us in a reef where you can see small fishes and corals on one side and school of bigger fishes and the deep blue unknown on the other side. The view of deep blue is really scary--- looks endless and you have no idea whats in there. I should have bought waterproof camera for pictures.

A group of divers early in the morning.

Next is Virgin Island- a tiny uninhabited island. It's about 20 minutes from Balicasag and is famous for it's shallow white sand shores. This place is good for photo shooting but unfortunately my camera setting was not adjusted for that bright sunny day. All I know was i'm taking nice shots until we got back and had a normal monitor view. Too bright! The pictures should have captured the clear water and the long stretch of white sands.

You can actually walk hundreds of meters away from the island with waters just above knee.

It's a half day trip so at around 10:45 we headed back to Alona Beach which took us less than an hour. It was our last day in Bohol so we decided to have some rest in the afternoon as we need to fly early the next morning. At 6PM we went to Alona Palm Beach for our grilled fish dinner - it was the last for the trip and turned out to be the best. This is a nice beach but surprisingly, most restaurants (cheap or expensive) don't have at least good sea food to serve. More popular are western style foods.

After dinner, we had a last walk at the beach from end to end. The tide then is low and the sea retreated far from the beach. Reaching the end of the beach... we ran across this crawling object. It's a sea snake.

Creepy. It's trying to crawl back to the sea but apparently it cant crawl as fast as land snakes do. It's tail is like those of fish.

NEXT: Cost Accounting.

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