Monday, July 23, 2007

Bohol - Cost of Travel (Last Part)

Here is how much it costs to be in Bohol for a 3 day vacation (for two).

Fare = Php7,000 -- Cebu Pacific. Return tickets can be as cheap as Php2,700 each but i booked our flight only a week before the trip.

Terminal Fee = Php400 -- collected at Manila Domestic terminal.

Transpo to/from Panglao = Php800 -- rent per car, small car can accommodate 4.

Accommodation = Php4,200 -- 3 days/nights, house can accommodate 4.

Car Rental = Php1,800 -- 1 day tour to at least 7 destinations.

Boat Rental = Php 1,500 -- half day island hopping and snorkeling.

Snorkeling = Php 600 -- for the guide. there are optional gears (flippers or shoes) rented for Php150/pair which are actually useless.

Food = Php3,500 -- estimated at 1,000 a day or 500 each.

Entrance Fees = Php 200 -- estimate

Tips = Php 1,170 -- estimate; too generous at some point i.e. Php 200 for the driver.

Souvenirs = Php 1,000 -- estimate

In total, its around Php20K or 10K per head. Since we went out of control on some expenses, I think Php6K each is a reasonable budget for a group of at least 4. That's still a lot of many though.

There's also internet cost but its minimal. At least 2 computer shops are available along the beach; connection can be good but most of the time very slow or none. There's wifi in some resorts including Flower Garden but unfortunately I wasn't able to use mine as no one is available to assist with the settings.

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