Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Airport Taxi

There's a new airport-taxi system at the NAIA Terminal 2 (aka Centennial Terminal).

Manila's old rickety taxis sometimes don't use meters or overcharge passengers... and the old "airport taxis" with their better maintained cars are just expensive. Airport taxis charge at least Php450+ for a drop to Makati... they actually fixed the taxi-rates in a way you will not mind the change e.g. Php460 (OFWs will probably just give away Php500).

But with the new airport-tax system all cars are brand new and metered. The minimum flag down is at Php75. Going to Makati will just cost around Php250. Taxi stand is at the international airport arrival area which is also accessible from the domestic arrival.
By the way, the old NAIA is just getting older. The building is old and looks bleak with the dim lights... and the transport system is worst. Sadly, this is where all international flights land (except PAL) and where foreigners get their first impression. The new terminals are of course exclusive for Philippine Airlines.


Layad said...

Hey, this sounds like good news cos when I went home last year, the rates were fixed. But if they do use the meter in airport taxis, it would be a welcome change.

edwin said...

i guess the fixed-rate taxis are still there operating.. so the next time you come home look for these yellow metered cabs... cheers..=)

bill bilig said...

when i use the centennial terminal, i go up to the departure area to get a taxi. the drivers are happy because they get a passenger after delivering a passenger to the airport.

but this works only if you don't have a lot of luggage to carry :-)

glad to know though that they have a fixed rate system now that's cheaper

Anonymous said...

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