Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mang Mario

Google (ph) "car air-con repair" and it will bring-up Mang Mario in many car forums. Google Mang Mario and it will show forums on car air-con repairs.

My car is E30. Those familiar with BMW would know how old it is. One typical problem for old cars like this is the not-so-cold air from its "air conditioner". I have consulted few shops in Makati area and the usual diagnostics was "kulang ang freon". In the last 4 months, I had my freon topped-off twice for at least Php300 each refill.

Then Google introduced me to Mang Mario. With so many good words in car forums about his shop, I decided to drive all the way from Makati to Bago Bantay in Q.C. And indeed Mang Mario is one of a kind repair shop! They cleaned the motor blower then topped-off freon and billed me just Php100! I just cant believe it... so I just paid double the bill with the half given straight to the mechanic.

And the air-con? It worked perfectly.

Mang Mario is a small family business not the commercial type of car repair shops. Just check Google for more details.


deuts said...

wow ang galing naman. cge pare, pag nagka BMW din ako hahanapin ko yang si mang mario na yan. hehehehe

edwin said...

bilib talaga ako dun.. kamangha-mangha! hehe.. bili ka na kasi sasakyan mo yaman yaman mo e.. yung isang lens mo e pwede mo na yan trade-in ng second hand na kotse.. yung akin nga nabili ko lang kasi naka SALE hehe..

Anonymous said...

Dear Edwin,
ask ko lang address & cp in mang mario kc sira aircon ng paj ko.


cp 09175058250
tel 8470472

Anonymous said...