Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mang Mario

Google (ph) "car air-con repair" and it will bring-up Mang Mario in many car forums. Google Mang Mario and it will show forums on car air-con repairs.

My car is E30. Those familiar with BMW would know how old it is. One typical problem for old cars like this is the not-so-cold air from its "air conditioner". I have consulted few shops in Makati area and the usual diagnostics was "kulang ang freon". In the last 4 months, I had my freon topped-off twice for at least Php300 each refill.

Then Google introduced me to Mang Mario. With so many good words in car forums about his shop, I decided to drive all the way from Makati to Bago Bantay in Q.C. And indeed Mang Mario is one of a kind repair shop! They cleaned the motor blower then topped-off freon and billed me just Php100! I just cant believe it... so I just paid double the bill with the half given straight to the mechanic.

And the air-con? It worked perfectly.

Mang Mario is a small family business not the commercial type of car repair shops. Just check Google for more details.