Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunset at Manila Bay

Manila Bay is popular for its sunset. But besides how it was conceived in my elementary textbooks, I have never actually spent time to appreciate its beauty. Not until last week. Well I was lucky to have my camera while dining along Manila Bay during the long weekend.

There were several photographers waiting for their chance. But clouds are too low and the sun went down so quickly. So we all settled to this usual blue-orange-red color spectrum.

Maybe next time I should plan to shoot on a clear sky be in better location and wait for that perfect sunset…

By the way, the security guards at the American Embassy have the tendency to overact. Standing inside the railing of embassy (boundary fence), I was framing the bay walk area when two uniformed guards came by asking if it is my first time shooting in that place. I said yes, and they told me not to do it again... otherwise they can have all my personal information to their security log and may even confiscate my camera. Hehe...

In fairness they spoke kindly and showed some sympathy in trying to explain their rules.

Well, i guess security guards think of or associate espionage with these sophisticated-looking cameras. What they should know is that camera, regardless of its type (camera phone, cheap digicam, film camera etc.) can do the job to capture the same image if thats the intention.


deuts said...

Brod, lumipat ka na nga ng wordpress, naiinis ako mag comment dito sa blogger, pupunta ka pa ng separate page para lng mag comment.

Anyway, hindi ka naman nagyayaya mag shoot sa manila bay pre eh. Tapos, sakay naman ako sa BMW mo. heheheh

Mahirap lng din kc itago ang malaking camera tulad nyan.

edwin said...

Deuts, pano ba lumipat? Ok nako dito sa blogspot e hehe..

Nataon lang dala ko camera sa baywalk.. maganda pala mag-shoot dun.