Monday, February 25, 2008

People Power Anniversary

I have been watching too much TV lately. And here are some opinions, aired on shows commemorating EDSA anniversary, which I would totally agree.

“EDSA 2 just happened a little too fast. It was a mistake which the people is afraid to commit again” – Winnie Monsod

“Darating ang pagbabago kung ang mga tao sa ating gobyerno (opisyal at emplyado).... ay hindi anak ni ganito, asawa ni ganito, kapatid ni ganito…. Maaaring hindi ko na aabutin yun ng buhay pero umaasa akong ito ay darating.” – Freddie Aguilar

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Bill Bilig said...

I agree with that Monsod quote although I was one of those protesting during PP-II.

At the same time we should have an effective mechanism to make government officials accountable for their actions. The problem with Monsod is that I no longer see her as a credible person to put into effect such mechanisms.