Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Photoworld Asia 2008

At the Glorietta activity center from Feb. 2 up to 5 (that is today!). I bought one cheap black tripod and claimed my free 128MB SD card.

Lots of pretty models to shoot but I was able to catch just one (overexposed) shot.. before the last model declared "..sorry guys i need to go". As usual, there were bunch of photographers and a swarm of onlookers enjoying those sexy poses (..i should have taken whole body shot hehe..).

And again I saw those expensive Noritsu photo developing machines. The cost of putting up "real" photo developing business is easily seven digits.


deuts said...

Hmmmm, business.... Mayaman ka na magpapayaman ka pa!

edwin said...

Mayaman!!???? Sana magkatotoo hehe..