Sunday, February 17, 2008

Makati Rally - February 15, 2008

Let me share some pictures of the rally at Ayala Avenue last Friday. It started past 2 pm with this group of farmers (i guess) as the first batch of protesters.

There’s complete media coverage with GMA and ABS-CBN holding grounds as early as 11am. There were numbers of free lance photographers and I have seen some foreign press.

Looking at the backstage, you can tell this rally was not organized by the political oppositions (no VIPs at the backstage). Except for the left wing organizations, which have joined our political system, I haven’t seen or heard the usual attendants from the United Opposition.

The crowd is mainly of church groups and civic groups; I can tell many Makati workers also joined the rally.

At the side of HSBC building were familiar business people, probably observing..

I remember previous political rallies with accusations that some people were paid just to join the crowd. Those were mostly pro-Erap rallies, and Erap’s “masa” appeal obviously gives reason why most of the crowds are from the poor communities (I would say squatter areas around the city). This time, there were still small groups which came obviously lacking the “spirit” of a protester. They came in t-shirts and shorts and just walking around.

Those real protesters would stand still, listen, shout when asked to react and raise their hands to show support.

It was also a big day for those Ayala/Makati avenue street vendors and some "intruders" like these Selecta/Magnolia ice cream vendors. I have seen many of these carts.

And the quote of the day goes – “moderate your greed”.


Anonymous said...

of course they are siting because they are having DG's (discussion group)eh?!.

Anonymous said...

they are explaining to their mass members and non-members on that mobilization why they went there, what was their reason why they joined that rally. They don't have to stand still and raise their hands because; what was their purpose why they joined that rally.simply because that was a mass mobilization. to show force and to mobilize masses!

Anonymous said...
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edwin said...

hi anonymous, thanks for the comments. feel free to put your name.. i don't mind. i would want to think that you were there and have witnessed what i have seen. maybe i missed to see the "group discussion/mobilization" part. obviously i was there too as a participant and amateur photographer, and i was part of the "show of force" as you call it. i am just amazed by the "disconnect" between these few guys sitting around as against the big crowd..

TruBlue said...

The very bottom picture should have been modified and read: "Eliminate Your Greed - Exterminate Your Breed".
Moderating their greed is still greed and inexcusable.
If I was you Ed, I would have talked to these groups just in passing to figure out what agendas they have in mind, and of course if they understood what the rally was all about. Simply being there in body and bs with acquaintances is unsympathetic to the cause. Unless they were vendors trying to make a living. Cheers to all goodhealth.

Bill Bilig said...

Cool pictures. I agree with Trublue on eliminating rather than moderating one's greed :-)