Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who will be the next president??

It was not waste of time watching the Ateneo leadership forum. I learned many things about these individuals who expressed intentions to be the Philippines next president. Photo by: flickr/jvnunag

Here's my opinion:

Gordon - i will vote for him if election is held today. good background. sounds intelligent. mature and with excellent experience in public service. nice american name as well, easy for mass voters to remember.

Teodoro - harvard educated lawyer, good reputation and with great ideals. with good public service experience though unknown to most voters. i think he is clean and desires change for good. with elite image and could be hard to campaign for the masses.

Escudero - looks young and sounds young. full of great ideals and have great appeal to young people, perhaps due to his speaking skills. belongs to political clan which may not be good. he is a UP educated lawyer with one year stint at Georgetown University.

Panlilio - there's a joke "road map to recovery" is written over his face. like religion he offers hope for the hopeless. but lacks experience compared to others. could be favorite among those who hates traditional politicians. will likely be influenced by catholic church. last name hard to write and remember.

Roxas - son of ex-president. name easy to write. young and with vision for this country. future husband of korina sanchez. looks adventurous. may not be favorite for chick voters.

There should be more forums like this or televised debates for presidential candidates. And people should not vote for those who don't attend forums. I suspect they prefer going to places to convince the vulnerable masses to vote for them rather than spending few hours on TV to subject themselves to questions and let the general public know what they want to do and their potential to make it happen.


deuts said...

Correction: Mar Roxas is a grandson to former President Manual Roxas.

edwin said...

..yea just watched the replay and he's the grandson.. also Manuel not Manual Roxas hehe..