Friday, July 18, 2008

Domestic Helpers

I was searching the internet on any campaign to stop sending domestic helpers abroad --- just thinking of donating (seriously). I got very few hits and only this one article written from Kuwait.

It seems impossible for our politicians to make this an issue or any social organization to start this kind of campaign. Besides legal issues, I guess politicians are afraid of backlash from voters...

Manny Villar? Big NO. Those advertisements are self-serving. If he is real he should initiate a law that would ban or limit sending domestic helpers abroad. Not just coming to rescue. I know there are legal issues here and maybe it's not that simple.

Here is my point: I don’t believe our economy is benefiting from dollar inflows from DH abroad. The cost of sending DH abroad is much greater than the benefit of dollar remittances. There is so much to mention on the social cost involved --- broken families is no#1 and all sort of social problems follow. I have seen many of these cases. In 10 years this social issues converts to economic issues. Of course DH is just part of the term OFW and I would agree that OFW is big deal in our economy.

There are also success stories and I salute those mothers who made the brave decision and end up successful. But I only know or heard very few of them.

I can’t explain this further and I know many people won't agree. It just saddens me to see college graduates serving as domestic helpers in HK. We always question opportunity in this country and the easy answer is.... go abroad. But if we think smart, work hard and start some business wherever in this country… it’s easy to live a decent simple life (with your family).


deuts said...

The benefit vs. social cost....that's interesting. Makes me ponder.

edwin said...

it's been around 20 years since we started exporting DH... but go around the provinces and ask if their kids finished college. in my barangay you'll probably get a conservative 80% NO.