Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thank You 2007

I will remember Year 2007 as one of the best years.

First, i have been to five Asia Pacific countries for the first time (Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore and India). Indonesia and Thailand are much like Philippines minus the language, temples etc. New Zealand is a cold place with really few people compared to south and eastern asia; but NZ got lots of nice natural parks. Singapore is, well, very cosmopolitan city state just like HK. India is a shock..

Second, i have earned so much (Hehehe..). And third, i got my first car last December. A second hand vintage BMW which can barely beat 140kph. At 160kph i feel like the whole car will disintegrate at any moment.

I am thankful for all the blessings and most importantly the many realizations i learned. I realized how hard life can be for the born-rich people. And how lucky i was to be born with nothing but love and care from my folks.

I hope this year 2008 will be another best... peaceful and prosperous. Happy New Year to all!


deuts said...

Wow! Bigtime Edwin! Kelan mo ba ako papasakayin sa Vintage BMW mo? Bakit di mo dito post ung picture kuha ng maganda mong EOS 30D?

Excited na ako sumakay! hehehehe

Bill Bilig said...

Good for you :-) Heard that sheep outnumber people in New Zealand. Belated happy new year to you and hope that it will be as good(or better than) 2007.

edwin said...

Deuts, anytime.. sakay kita pag nakita kita sa daan hehehe..

Will post pics LATER as usual.. =)

Thanks Bill. Not sure about that though you can see herds and herds of cattles and sheep when taking off Auckland airport. Nalawa ti daga da.

Belated happy new year too! Let's hope for the best.

TruBlue said...

Great you had a smooth 2007. Nice to see you also with a wheel. Hey, so long as it gets you to where you're going, that's what matters most.
Heard NZ is pretty cool country. Dated a real nice Kiwi girl from ChristChurch when I was in Australia many years ago.
Would like to visit the place one day.
Cheers to you!

rhacks said...

i am so proud of you son...xiempre dpat isakay mo din me pag uwi q jan this august!!! ingat k lng lgi ha...don't drink and drive!

edwin said...

trublue.. thanks and happy new year! there's kiwi bird and kiwi fruit and they call NZealanders as kiwi too! =) NZ locals are nice and peace loving i think.. id definitely visit again given the chance.

edwin said...

hey rhacks!! thanks for the loving concern.. will not drink and drive.=) syempre sakay kita pag nagkita tau.. at kung tumatakbo pa kotse hehehe.. ingat din jan always!