Thursday, September 13, 2007

Indigenous People

Click here then here for exciting discussions on indigenous people. I guess the discussion has settled down so let me just post my opinion here.

There is no exact definition of "indigenous people", i bet even anthropologists would not agree on a precise definition. That, i think, is the root of all these issues. I say the 110 list of indigenous people is valid and that pampangos, ilocanos, tagalogs and the likes are not indigenous. They have embraced Spanish culture for centuries and they are attached and even proud of it. They are the Filipino majority. They run the government. They populate the elite society.

Igorots embraced Christianity only during the American era (not really sure hehe), have been historically differentiated from the majority Filipino and are still doing things they do long long time ago. I think that satisfies at least 90% of the supreme court definition of indigenous people.

But time will pass and the 110 list needs update. Time will tell.


TruBlue said...

It's still quite incomprehensible how that 10 million hectares of land's distribution be disbursed.
All those lowlanders with ties to the highlanders. It's amazing how this would become a reality if it ever goes down that road. Cheers regardless...

Bill Bilig said...

Great post. I agree with you. It's the fact that we retained much of our pre-hispanic culture that makes us indigenous. Hindi yung sinasabi ni Dean Bocobo na Christianity daw at saka oppression.

This post reminded me that I still have to do a post answering all the silly points he raised hehehe.