Thursday, September 27, 2007

City of Acronyms

Makati, Manila, Quezon City... there is one common thing about the Mayors of these cities.

In Makati, they probably spent few thousands just to get those metal railings twisted to form the logo of B. From what i have heard it means "Bayan". Hehe very nice coincidence for Binay.

In Manila, former mayor Lito Atienza painted all those public fences and walls with his favorite slogan "Buhayin ang MayniLA". It's a worthy project actually... but why is the last two letters always highlighted? Does it mean Los Angeles? Does it say lets make Manila like LA? No, thats acronym for Lito Atienza ofcourse.. and has no meaning at all but just trying to put their name everywhere.

Same in Quezon City. They have this slogan "Serbisyong Bayan" posted everywhere. I think they disregarded many other cool political mottos just because it didn't bear the letters SB.. or they launched a city-wide slogan contest and letters S and B is a must-have criteria.

And in the Visayas, a friend told me there is a place (i forgot) where all street light posts where awkwardly curved to shape letter P which is believed to be in honor of a local political clan with last name starting with P (i also forgot). I don't think its for Pacquiao.

Well, in Baguio city, many public structures got the letter V logo. I guess that stands for the past mayor's last name- Vergara.

These people are sick. I believe most of them are great achievers in their own field or career and yet want their names posted everywhere and get recognized everyday. Or is it human nature? Will i do the same if i were them? Hehehe... i will never know.

Anyway here is a wonderful dusk shot of Makati skyline courtesy of


deuts said...

Kala ko pa naman eh ikaw ang may kuha nun! heheh.

Ba't ung sa sidebar eh Deuts in Doha Qatar pa rin yan? hehe

edwin said...

kaya kong kunin yung shot.. pero yung post processing dko kaya =) ang linaw ng guhit ng mga buildings.

binago ko na link sa

btw, yung 30k loss ko sa uitf nabawi ko na. ayos na!