Friday, August 3, 2007

Nursing or Accounting? - Part I

I have heard this question in a funny radio commercial the subject i don't remember.

It's a question among parents whose kids are about to enter college. Most parents would not object though to whatever course preference their children has. But there are many high school graduates who would answer "Dko alam!" or "Kahit ano!" when asked about what to take up in college. And in such cases parents will decide and most probably ask the question "Nursing ba o Accounting".

My younger sister is taking up Nursing; maybe because she has no other particular interest and everyone is taking up nursing. She was lucky to avail some scholarship during the first two years. But now, I am starting to realize how unreasonable schools, hospitals, review schools and those benefiting from this nursing frenzy. The total cash outflow for one semester is at least 35K (UC). Fees in UC is known to be cheaper than other schools in Baguio. In Manila, i think the expense is similar in those smaller schools. For UST, FEU etc. my guess is atleast 40K per semester. The fee includes tuition, training and other miscellaneous. Training cost is mostly payment to hospitals where they do "duty" or nursing service. They work for the hospital and they pay the hospital. Sounds illogical. More cost comes when they do community service-- just like medical missions. They spend for travel, food, accommodation and others at a minimum of 2K a week. After graduation, they will take review for the national licensure which i think will cost 30-50K! And there are more licensing exams they need to take before considered ready for "export'.

Ok, so how much is the average salary of nursing entry level in the U.S.? According to this site, at least Php100K a month (gross pay). Really good compared to our Phil. standard. BUT, there is not a good chance for a fresh graduate or newly licensed nurse to get there. The increasing number of nursing graduates is too much. There is increasing cases of nursing applicants getting duped by illegal recruiters. There are lots of nurses who end up "caregivers" in HK or Middle east. To make it short, after spending too much in college and passing licensure exams our new nurses are still far from getting that paycheck. While the owners of those nursing schools and review centers are enjoying millions in earnings.

Part II - Accounting


deuts said...

So, what should it be? I thought you would answer your own question.

Well, then, let me answer your question...


edwin said...

haha.. you're a traitor to your profession.. sumbong kita kay valix! hehe.. will answer my question in part 2.

TruBlue said...

You might as well gamble on Nursing
since Accounting graduates may end up as "cashier" in some sari-sari's just deplorable college grads in our country are not compensated well.
Best of luck to your sister. Cheers.....

edwin said...

trublue, thanks.. i just hope she truly love nursing and find success on her own.. profession has little to do with success after all. cheers!