Thursday, August 16, 2007

Camera Lens - Basic Info

Here are basic info about lenses.

Lenses are classified into wide angle, normal and telephoto. It is measured by focal length (in mm). Digital cameras and camera phones mostly have wide angle lenses ranging from 8mm-35mm which is ideal for group pictures (taken within a short distance). For normal lens, like 50mm, you need few steps back from the group to get the same picture composition as the wide angle. And for zoom lenses you need to move away farther from the group to take the same composition. Basically thats the concept.

There are also two types of lenses -- prime and zoom. Primes has fixed focal lengths (no zoom- e.g. 50mm, 24mm) and zoom lenses has a range of focal lengths e.g. 14-70mm, 70-200mm which you can adjust instead of moving physically.

A shot during the foto fest. I was the last guy at the back but able to get some good shots. How? Using my 50mm lens. Its interesting how this lens can take picture through small openings. Here is a sample shot.

The blur on the lower right and upper left are actually the arms, ears, nose hehe of those in front. It was just a small opening to take this shot.

Below was taken from outside the cage but looks like I am inside the cage hehe. The screen is actually about 2x2 inches which is too small for my lens to sneak in.



deuts said...

Although, cam phones have 8mm at its widest angle, you still have to consider the crop factor, the size of its sensor as against the normal 35mm sensor size of a film SLR camera.

That's why we have a thing called the focal point equivalent of a normal 35mm sensor.

edwin said...

deuts, that belongs to my need-to-know list hehe.. thanks for the info.

Bill Bilig said...

Wow. That's a pretty girl hehe. I like the birds in the cage too.

Off topic: I'm not sure if you do memes but I tagged you in the 8 random facts meme hehe

edwin said...

hi bill, i honestly dont know what meme is. but i have something in mind. =) thanks for the tag.