Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Street Photgraphy

Street Photography? Hehe.. sounds good. Pictures were taken somewhere in the suburb streets of Makati. A foreigner colleague asked me what game Filipinos love to play, and my instant answer is... Basketball. We are sticking on a game we all know malay/indones genes are no good. Asean nations are football fans... except us.

A familiar scene in almost every street of Manila specially during summer.

And every street corner has it's own grotto. I'm a catholic but it annoys me to see a grotto occupying the side walks. It's not legal and i think the street is not proper for such icons. Our grotto has counterpart in Thailand (a deity in mini thai temple) but they always put it in a sacred place near establishments or in their yards and not on the streets.

I have seen this in a nearby garage. A second hand BMW selling at 400K pesos. I am ignorant about cars and thats all i can say.

WARNING: If you are offended by dogs having sex on the street please STOP and click the left arrow at the top-left of your screen.

I warned you so.

This is a public market along Olympia, Makati. And that's the Ayala central business district at the back- maybe just a kilometer away. As foreigners often say Manila is a city of sharp contrast. Shanties standing near skyscrapers. So with the central business district of old Manila - Roxas Boulevard.

The good thing about this place is that they sell everything at a lower price and you can bargain (hehe of course nothing unusual)... Well it's a lot cheaper than getting it from SM or other supermarkets.

I like this shot, the contrast of pink and lively green.

Another shot. This thing grew up wildly crossing its owners fence towards the sidewalk.

Flower portrait. The best set up I can have with my 50mm lens. Same case, this flower crossed the "border" so I got this close up shot from the sidewalk.

My best shot so far. Click to enlarge.

I am excited with my camera and hoping for a better location and subjects soon.


deuts said...

Canon EOS 30D + EF 50mm f/1.8 II? Hindi ka nagkamali jan pare. Pero don't tell me later na hindi kita winarningan hah. kaka-adik yan. Especially that you've started with a good lens, you won't settle for less anymore. You'll surely yearn for more quality, more power, cge bili lang ng bili, kaskas lng nang kaskas! hehehehe pero ok yan pre, self-satisfying...

TruBlue said...

I'm not much of a camera freak or into photography but I do appreciate pics that appeal to me like those flowers you've taken.
Have a cheap ass Sony Digital point and shoot 4.1mp. Other than yours is expensive and mine aint, what's the difference in picture taking? I'm happy with it though, as it obediently does it work for me..hehe...Cheers and goodhealth.

edwin said...

tama ka jan deuts. ngaun palang ang dami ko na gusto gawin na hindi kaya ng lens. but im not yearning.. not yet hehe. ok na muna ako dito.

trublue, yea the real score in taking pictures is satisfaction. if you have good subjects and able to take satisfying results then thats great. i am satisfied with my 3.2mp casio until i got this 60K credit limit hehe.. cheers!