Sunday, July 8, 2007


I was looking for idiots guide to photography but realized I don't actually need it at this stage. Although the original "idiots guide" is out of stock, all similar books are not useful to me. I thought I need to explore my camera first and learn by experience.

Above is G's bbq. Pork bbq sells at Php12 while chicken isaw at Php6. Is it clean? YES.

Camera Setting: High shutter speed (10-15) and medium ISO (100-500).

Here's another shot using high shutter speed. Birds generally fly with their feet stretched backwards and beaks open.



deuts said...

eto pards recommend ko sau. check this out!

edwin said...

ayos pre.. thanks sa link, inspiring mga shots. hindi ako fan ni Iya pero maganda ang kuha, galing.

Bill Bilig said...

Galing ng BBQ pic. The smoke looks alive :-) I like buying fishball, etc. but haven't tried BBQ streetfood so far.

edwin said...

thanks bill. i also dont trust street bbqs unless i know who prepared it, only fisballs and the likes hehe.. cheers!